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About the City

Mukachevo is a city of regional importance, located in the south-western part of Transcarpathian region on the banks of the river Latorytsia. The town is surrounded by mountains - Galish, Lovachka, Sorocha, Chervona, Сhernecha.

Climate - temperate continental
The city was founded in 896
Population - 85.9 thousand people
Population density – 3145/km2
City area - 27.2 km2
Postal code - 89600
Telephone code - +3803131
Competitive advantages

by exports of goods and services among cities of Transcarpathian region


by volume of capital investments per capita among cities of Transcarpathian region


by economic potential in Transcarpathian region


by population in Transcarpathian region

Favorable geographical, geopolitical and logistical location: 

  •  40-50 km to the borders with Hungary and Slovakia;
  •  90-100 km to the borders with Poland and Romania.

Transport junction of international highways and railways: 

  • railway line Kyiv - Budapest - Vienna;
  • highways Kyiv - Budapest - Vienna and Kyiv - Bratislava – Prague.

Powerful industrial potential including export-oriented companies like Flex, Fischer.

Mobility and high transparency of city authorities.

Developed network of educational, cultural, healthcare organisations.

Internal city revenue - more than 50% of total income. 

Active transition of city enterprises to alternative energy sources.

Complex of former military airfield of 227 hectares with the possibility of construction of Mukachevo International Airport. 

Ancient and rich historical and cultural heritage - Palanok Castle and other architectural monuments.

Inter-ethnic and inter-denominational tolerance of the multinational population of Mukachevo.

International cooperation

According to the signed agreements on partnership and cooperation, Mukachevo has a longstanding cross-border and international cooperation with 14 European twin cities 

Twin Cities:

  • Presov, Slovakia;
  • Humenne , Slovakia;
  • Kisvarda, Hungary;
  • Mateszalka, Hungary;
  • Nirmedyesh, Hungary;
  • Dobosh, Hungary;
  • Celldomolk, Hungary;
  • Eger, Hungary;
  • Budovar, Budapest, Hungary;
  • Mielec, Poland;
  • Pag, Croatia;
  • Zenta, Serbia;
  • Subotica, Serbia;
  • Pelhrimov, Czech Republic.

Cooperation with international organizations: 

  • participation in the project "Support for Leadership Organizations in Combating Corruption in Ukraine" Interaction with USAID support;
  • the European Mobility Week - Carpathian Network project was implemented under the EEA grants and Norway grants programs;
  • the mini-project within the framework of the European Mobility Week was supported by the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ;
  • projects in the field of tourism, water supply, sewerage, implementation of alternative types of mobility were implemented within the framework of the Cross-border Cooperation Program ENI CBC Program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine;
  • A number of events on celebration of Europe Day in Ukraine with support of the EU Delegation to Ukraine were implemented in the city. 
City Development Indicators

Mukachevo ranks the second place among cities of Transcarpathian region by economic potential:

  • The city has a well-developed industrial complex and the potential for preparing attractive proposals for investors;
  • Industry development, equipment modernization, implementation of projects on alternative energy sources, demand for real estate and Mukachevo infrastructure reconstruction act as the main factors for increasing capital investments in the city's economy;
  • Local budget revenues
    643 mln UAH
    Number of enterprises
    Volume of industrial output (products) sold by enterprises
    2 660 mln UAH
    Share of volume of industrial output (products) sold by enterprises in the regional indicator
    11,2 %
    Number of employees on enterprises
    16 014 persons
    Average monthly salary of employees
    8 313 UAH
    The unemployment rate
    0,7 %
    The volume of foreign direct investments (for the period of foreign investment since 1994 as of 01.10.2018)
    20,5 mln USD
    The volume of foreign direct investments for person (for the period of foreign investment since 1994 as of 01.10.2018)
    240 USD
    The volume of capital investments
    1 225 mln UAH
    Capital investments per capita
    14 368 UAH
    Volume of retail trade turnover
    2 513 mln UAH
  • The reform of fiscal decentralization and growth of business activity allows Mukachevo to increase the budget revenues and increase expenditures on the development of the city’s infrastructure (roads, engineering networks, lighting, water supply);
  • The improvement of engineering and social infrastructure is one of the priorities of Mukachevo city authorities.
  • Institutions of preschool education
    General secondary education institutions
    Vocational Education Institutions
    Healthcare Institutions (municipal)
Foreign trade

Foreign trade is one of the main directions of development of Mukachevo:

  • The structure of foreign trade is diversified both by product groups and by country;
  • The balance of foreign trade in recent years is positive;
  • Most of foreign economic operations of Mukachevo are carried out with partners from Europe.
  • Exports of goods
    405,5 mln USD
    Imports of goods
    389 mln USD
    Share of exports of goods in total regional index
    24,4 %
    Share of imports of goods in total regional index
    25,7 %
    Exports of services
    98 mln USD
    Imports of services
    5 mln USD
    Share of services export in total regional index
    31,8 %
    Share of services import in total regional index
    18,1 %
Tourism and leisure

Tourism industry is one of the strategic directions of development of Mukachevo: 

  • the peculiarity of the city is a unique combination of natural conditions, recreational resources and a number of landmarks of history, architecture and culture;
  • the city has all the prerequisites for intensive development of thr domestic and foreign tourism: features of geographical location, favorable climate, developed hotel, transport, restaurant and entertainment, financial and socio-cultural infrastructure, rich historical heritage, multinational culture.
Number of visitors to Mukachevo
according to Castle Palanok
229,8 thousand people

The most famous traditional Mukachevo cultural and artistic festivals: 

  • “Chervene vyno" (“Red Wine”) (January); 
  • “Varyshska palachinta” (“City’s pancake”) (February-March); 
  • “Ohyn i Mniaso" (“Fire and Meat”) (May-June); 
  • “Honey Festival” (September); 
  • “Varyshske pyvo» (“City’s beer”) (September); 
  • “St. Martin's Day” (November).
Department of Economy
Executive Committee of Mukachevo City Council

2, Oleksadnr Dukhnovych Sq., Mukachevo Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 89600

Investment project


76, Svaliavska Street, Mukachevo
Attached files
Investment project


76, Svaliavska Street, Mukachevo
Attached files
Investment project


78, Svaliavska Street, Mukachevo
Attached files
Free land plots in Mukachevo City for potential investors
Svaliavska Street, Mukachevo
Area (ha)
Photo (link)
Approximate distance to general utility networks

Water supply 135 m

Sewerage 105 m

Power cable and communications cable 20 m

Electric line 33 m

Gas pipe line 140 m

Tolstoho Lva Street, Mukachevo
Area (ha)
Photo (link)
Approximate distance to general utility networks

Water supply 5 m

Sewerage 10.5 m

Power cable and communications cable 18 m

Electric line 18 m

Hrushevskoho Mykhaila Styreet, Mukachevo
Area (ha)
Photo (link)
Approximate distance to general utility networks

Water supply 5 m

Sewerage 8 m

Power cable and communications cable 3 m

Electric line 20 m

Pidlavochna Street, Mukachevo
Area (ha)
Photo (link)
Approximate distance to general utility networks

Sewerage 200 m

Power cable and communications cable 105 m

Electric line 38 m

Krylova Ivana Street, Mukachevo
Area (ha)
Photo (link)
Approximate distance to general utility networks

Water supply 30 m

Sewerage 22 m

Power cable and communications cable 6 m

Electric line 89 m

Kooperatyvna Streer, Mukachevo
Area (ha)
Photo (link)
Approximate distance to general utility networks

Water supply 23 m

Sewerage 42 m

Power cable and communications cable 33 m

Electric line 130 m

Gas pipe line 140 m

Obizdna Street, Mukachevo
Area (ha)
Photo (link)
Approximate distance to general utility networks

Power cable and communications cable 120 m

Electric line 143 m

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№1 in the world in production of mountain and cross-country skiing, company product is a kind of business card of Ukraine. Mountain and cross-country skiing, hockey sticks made in Mukachevo are in high demand in dozens of countries. 99% of the company's products are exported. The company executes orders for such world-known brands as Scott Usa, Stöckli, Tecno Pro, Hagan, Rossignol, Alpina, Splitkein, Tecno. The company also produces sticks for such firms like Sherwood (Canada), Easton (USA). European customers are also known in the world of hockey – brands TPS, Zetra, Ferland and others. Number of employees – 1036. Average salary – 14548 UAH.

Flex (Reg. No. 199002645H) is the manufacturing partner of choice that helps a diverse customer base design and build products that improve the world. Through the collective strength of a global workforce across 30 countries and responsible, sustainable operations, Flex delivers technology innovation, supply chain, and manufacturing solutions to various industries and end markets. For more information, visit flex.com.

Flex Ltd. (formerly known as Flextronics International Ltd. or Flextronics) is an American multinational technology manufacturer. Flex is the second largest company in the world among similar ones. Flex Corporate Headquarter is located in Singapore and its administrative headquarter is located in San Jose, California. Today Flex is a world-renowned electronics manufacturer whose product range is a wide variety of things from sophisticated personal computer units to ready-made «personal assistants».

In Ukraine the company started its operations in the early 2000s in cooperation with CJSC «Berehivskyi Radiozavod» on the production of flashes to Kodak disposable cameras.

In the form of a limited liability company Flexstronics Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Flexstronics Factory) was founded in 2002. Flextronics International Gesellschaft m.b.H. (Austria) is a founder of the company. In 2012 the first production line of Flexsternics LLC plant was launched in Mukachevo.

Flex is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services provider in Ukraine. Company offers a wide range of manufacturing services, including high-tech solutions for printed circuit board assembly. Moreover, Flex focuses on repair, testing and final assembly of finished goods as well as complex logistics services. Due to the experience of manufacturing home appliances, telecommunication products and the introduction of new technologies, the company executes high-level customer orders. Flex launches about 12,000 new products and upgraded products each year, many steps are being made in Mukachevo.

Flextronics Plant in Mukachevo is 55 thousand m² consisting of production space, storage space, office and social space and employ more than 3600 employees. At the company all the products of the company are made upon order and are exported to foreign customers.

Flextronics Ltd.
4, Berehivska-bichna str., Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, UKRAINE 89600

From 1968 to 1991, the company specialized in the development and manufacture of aviation modules, devices with elements of precision mechanics and electronic control. In 1992, the company was restructured from its own production to subcontracting. At present, the company holds one of the leading positions in subcontracting in the western region of Ukraine. The production area is 26800 square meters. The main products are passive electronic components, cables for the automotive industry, LED lighting, speakers (telecommunications), speakers (car). Company has uccessful experience of implementation of projects with such companies as Philips Technology Center (Austria), TDK Elektronics, Retsag (Hungary), Videoton (Skoda) (Hungary) and others. Number of employees – 700. Average salary – 9611 UAH.

The company was founded in 1973. Since 2005, the factory became a subsidiary of Utenos Trikotazhas JSC (Lithuania). It is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of knitwear (women's, men's, children's clothing). Textile made in Lithuania, in particular cotton, viscose, modal, are used for production. Due to the successful work with its main partner – Lithuanian joint-stock company «Utenos Trikotazhas», which has existed for more than 40 years, PJSC «MKF Mriia» exports about 75% of its products through «Utenos Trikotazhas» JSC. Customers of production are clothing stores in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain. 

Number of employees – 154. The average salary – 7827 UAH.

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